We are so excited to announce we have a branding – big thanks to the team at Purapura Whetu and Hori Te Ariki Mataki from Ariki Design who have produced this awesome branding for us all to connect with.   Kino kē te mahi a te autaia rā.

This week we also recently relaunched the
Tri Pounamu facebook page https://www.facebook.com/tripounamu,

Use this page to shout out activities you might be doing, ask for buddies for the Ngā Arapiki

We also have a new instagram https://www.instagram.com/tripounamu/ and
for all social media we encourage whanau to use #tripounamu #tutūtepuehu

Planning for 2017 events including squads for Kauhoe (swimming) Paihikara (cycling) Oma (running) and working towards Ironmaori 2017 is well underway and our first official hui will be in mid January.

Our primary aim is to create healthy whānau! We want to get more whānau moving and enjoying healthy living for life. We are not here to run our own events, rather we want to provide a supportive entry point into activity and navigate more whānau into a range of new activities, training groups, and events. It is open to anybody who identifies as having Maori heritage and their whanau. Don’t be put off by the Iron Maori – that can be a loooooooooong term goal 🙂 This is just about meeting like minded people who want to get moving.

Our Manaakitanga means that we respect, support and encourage all whānau from beginners to elite to be part of a collective approach to movement and events. This also means we have an open door policy and welcome all whānau, Māori and non-Māori into our whānau.

Share the love around and let’s do this!

Tutū te puehu! Kick up the dust!

#tripounamu #tutūtepuehu

Tri Pounamu Kaimahi


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