Ngā Arapiki – Shalamar/Lady Polson Loop

Shalamar/Lady Polson Loop

Double set! These two aren’t very long but you can still challenge yourself with quick steps!

Park your car on Shalamar drive. Do as many of the stairs there as you like. At the top of the stairs, walk left and follow the road around to the right until you are on Bengal Drive. Walk all the way to the top of Bengal Drive. There is a lane at the end of the cul-de-sac. Walk down the lane and you will arrive at the Lady Polson Roman numerals stairs.  Do these stairs as many times as you like.

From here you can either turn around and head back to your car, or walk down to the end of Lady Polson Lane, down Hackthorne Road to Cashmere Road and back to Shalamar Drive.